• FEATURES : KPC-80&125 are latest generation Paddy-Cleaners which are intended for thorough cleaning of grains at the intake stage. Suitable for separation of immature paddy effectively. The machine is designer to remove all big impurities, straws, immature paddy and fine sand.  

  • FEATURES KDS-120 & 150 Destoners are very popular among Rice Millers due to theirsimple design and high efficiency of de-stoning. These are excellent to remove stones and all impurities from all types of grains.Good appearance and durable with high de-stoning capability, using metal separating, and aspirating capability.Using the world’s renowned compact structure, smooth running, easy maintenance. Equip with lowest power consumption technology.These high performance destoners are the result of years of painstaking research and development into achieving a higher percent rate in de-stoning Capability (more than 99% accuracy).

  • KHS 25B Rice Huller & Husk Separator is a latest generationrice huller with very fine workmanship. This machine is suitable for the first stage of rice milling. When rough paddy is husked, it gets separated from the rest of the grains.Automatically disengaged without foodstuff, while with foodstuff, rubber rolls gets engaged automatically. Feed gate and pressure between rubber rolls are controlled through pneumatic components.Using the world’s renowned compact structure, smooth running, easymaintenance. Low noise and less vibrating, pressure between rubber rolls can be adjusted by pressure valve, while material flow...

  • FEATURES KPS Paddy separator is a latest generation paddy separator with very fine workmanship & digital control. This equipment in rice milling process, separates mixture of paddy and husked rice into three forms. Using the world’s renowned compact structure, smooth running, easy maintenance. Low noise, Low power consumption, easy operation, durable and reliable.

  • FEATURES KWT 40/46 vertical Rice Whitener removes bran from brown rice. This dose not only enhances the appearance of the rice but also increaser its shelf life. This machine is being use before the rice polishing solution. Good appearance and durable, with adopting international standard, imported parts and advanced manufacturing technology.Using the world’s renowned compact structure, smooth runing, easy maintence. Equip with current and negative pressure indicator & adjustable multi position air gate.High out put, low rice temperature, less broken and long consumable life. less maintenance &easy to operate.

  • FEATURES KSP-21B Rice polishers are latest generation rice polisher with very fine workmanship & digital control. This machine is suitable for both rice milling plant, as well as rice-re-processing plant. The application of combining multiple polishing cylinder with multiribs and subsection sleve with many specifications meets technological requirements of various type of rice polishing. It produces high degree of Polished Rice which becomes lucent on it surface, with minimal broken. Using the world’s renowned flow meter with metal rotor, the operation is more sensitive, stable and easy to adjust Larger...