• Widely used for Sorting Machines application where Normal Air Conditioners do not Operate due to high dust.
  • Precision Air Conditioner
  • Any Industrial Application having Highly Duty Atmosphere.
  • Rice, Pulses, Wheat Industry.
  • Tea and Coffee Industry.
  • Peanuts, Cashew, Sesame and Pepper Industry.

Technical Specification


Specification Model RS24000 Model RS360000
Cooling Capacity 2TR 3TR
Power Supply 230V, 50Hz/415V, 50hz 230V, 50Hz/415V, 50hz
Compressor Hermetic Reciprocating 1 No. Hermetic Reciprocating 1 No.
Max Suitable Ambient 50°C 50°C


Dimensions Model RS24000 Model RS360000
Height 1550 mm 1650 mm
Width 855 mm 958 mm
Depth 855 mm 855 mm
het 50°C 50°C